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Do Eye Masks Help with Dark Circles?

“You look tired!” 

No one wants to hear that. Even if you are tired (who isn’t these days), you probably want to look refreshed. Dark circles under the eyes can make anyone look tired. They’re caused by many reasons, some of which are genetic, some are because it’s hard to get 8 hours. While we can’t give you an easy way to completely prevent dark circles (especially if it runs in your family), knowing where they come from and how to treat them can help. A common question we get is: do eye masks help with dark circles? We’ll help you understand what eye masks can and cannot do, after we give you some information about dark circles. 

What are dark circles under the eyes?

When you see what appears to be dark circles that aren’t genetic  under the eyes, what you’re generally seeing is small blood vessels dilating. The more easily someone can see through your skin, the more likely your blood vessels will affect the appearance. When you’re tired, you can have more dilation of these blood vessels. When you don’t sleep, you tend to be more pale and have less circulation which compounds the appearance. Another reason for the appearance of dark circles is that the skin under the eyes is thin, and gets thinner as we age. At the same time, we lose fat from under our eyes over time, which can contributes to making dark circles appear more prominent. 

Genetics are also hugely important. A reminder that eye hollows aren’t always dark circles but shadows (and not something to be treated with cosmetics) and lighting can have a huge impact. If dark circles run in your family, an eye cream may help a bit but it’s always important to set your expectations!

What causes dark circles under the eyes? 

Even though people tend to associate dark circles with a lack of sleep, that’s just one of many potential causes. Other factors that can play a significant role in dark circles include:

  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Smoking
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Genetics
  • Skin color
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Dehydration 

How can I prevent dark circles?

There’s no single method to completely avoiding dark circles under your eyes. After all, when genetics and aging are two contributing factors for eye circles, the results of creams, serums and masks won’t completely resolve the appearance. The good news is many people find some ‘home-remedies’ for dark eye circles can really help. Consider these tips when you’re working to avoid dark circles or reduce their appearance:

  • Get enough sleep (we know that’s a lot easier said than done!)
  • Wear sunscreen under your eyes, even if it doesn’t seem like a particularly sunny day
  • Choose sunglasses that filter out damaging rays, and cover enough of the under-eye area
  • Keep the area under your eyes moisturized (one place where masks can help universally)
  • Drink enough water: staying hydrated can have a significant effect on how your skin looks
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes
  • Try several creams or serums to find one that works best for you (a great eye mask will make this process easier and more cost effective)

Do eye masks help with dark circles?

Yes, eye masks can help with dark circles in addition to ingredients that come in these masks. How do eye masks help with dark circles? There are a few ways. It’s important to note that not every mask will necessarily help with dark circles, so our answers focus specifically on the Forever Eye Mask

The first reason eye masks can help with dark circles is the Forever Eye Mask can help hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes by holding your choice of eye cream or serum in the right place for 10 minutes. This gives your favorite product time to soak into the skin and get to work. That hydration will also plump the area. Additionally, depending on what product you use with your eye mask, you may get benefits including reduction in puffiness, brighter appearance of the eye area, and skin that looks smoother and firmer. For some of our favorite products to pair with the Forever Eye Mask, check out our post here. 

Our favorite time of day to use the Forever Eye Mask is in the morning, when you have a chance to brighten, smooth, and firm the skin under your eyes so you can look refreshed for the day. It also provides a better base for concealer as hydrated skin allows for smooth and seamless application.

When you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, the Forever Eye Mask can be a perfect complement to your eye care routine. The Forever eye mask allows you to benefit even more from your favorite eye products. Learn more about the Forever Eye Mask at Dieux Skin’s website here.

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