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Charlotte Palermino

Join Dieux's Congregation

Hi Angel!

Welcome to the congregation!
Our congregation is an affiliate program, because when we grow we want you to grow. 
    All you have to do is sign up for Shoplist, with our code (detailed instructions below).
    While we are offering discount codes on a case-by-case basis (email for more information), we will be updating this blog when we have more information.
    Truly grateful to have you here, for any questions on Shoplist and how it works don’t hesitate to reach out to Tiffany from their team (email below). Dieux is using the Shoplist platform but we are not able to troubleshoot on-boarding so please reach out to the Shoplist team!

    Here's how you can sign up for Shoplist:

    • Visit the Shoplist site: 
    • Scroll down to the bottom block to create an account. It automatically shows up as "create an account" but change this to "sign up."
    • Create a username and password and enter the following "Shop Code": DIEUX2021

    Shoplist how to sign up

    After you create a Shoplist account, here's how to get affiliate links to Dieux products. Affiliate links attribute a percentage of revenue of every product your links generate in sales. Shoplist uses PayPal to payout creators. Dieux's commissions for launch are at 5%, so every time someone uses your link, you get 5% of the sale (not including tax or shipping).

    • Use the "My Links" tab to create shortened affiliate links to individual Dieux products (see below for a step-by-step).
    • You can also create curated lists and shoppable posts using Shoplist. Click "search catalog" and search for Dieux products and add the items to your list.
    • As users click through your links and lists and buy products, you'll earn commission. This commission pays out within 60-90 days. 
    If you have any questions about Shoplist or how it works, don't hesitate to reach out to Tiffany from their team (

    Step 1: once your account is set up your page will look like this

    First page on Shoplist Dieux

    Click "add list" and name it. We called ours "Best Eye Creams to Pair with the Forever Eye Mask"

    creating a list on shopmylist for Dieux

    Click "add product" and search "Dieux"

    Select your product, we chose the Forever Eye Mask :)

    Add your product, you can keep building on the list

    You can share lists or specific products. To share a specific product, like the Dieux Forever Eye Mask, hover over the image and click the link symbol. 


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