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Instant Angel Moisturizer

Skin Restoring Moisturizer | 50mL
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Creamy & dreamy moisture

  • Instantly hydrates

    Glycerin, Urea and Sodium PCA in a moisture complex instantly hydrate the skin on contact with emollients to help lock in the glow.

  • Emollients provide long-lasting comfort and skin conditioning

    This moisturizer is full of free fatty acid complexes, phytosterols, ceramide analogues along with a ceramaide to help replenish and reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier.

  • Plumps out fine lines

    Dipalmityl Hydroxylproline, an amino acid that functions similarly to a signal peptide, has been shown to help with the appearance of wrinkle depth. In a secondary clinical study conducted by Dieux, this claim was further proven out with a clinically graded reduction in wrinkles.

  • Gives an ethereal glow

    Instant Angel was formulated to give a dewy final finish with a “glow from within” look. If you have oily skin and dislike anything too reflective, less product leads to less glow.

Gradual, consistent results

Perfect for AM/PM moisture, after any serums or treatments. If using in the day, follow with an SPF.

In a clinical trial...

In a clinical study of 50 people (tested on white, Black, Asian, Indigenous and Hispanic skin), an independent lab measured the impact of Instant Angel to understand moisturization and wrinkle depth reduction claims. Conducted in the winter in Winnipeg Canada, Instant Angel was found to be hydrating and moisturizing along with helping reduce the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over the course of 56 days. In a consumer perception study, 97% of people found that Instant Angel hydrated the skin, 88% of people felt that skin felt moisturized throughout the day in the winter, and that 85% of people felt that even in the morning skin was still moisturized.

Our head of product and master of cosmetic chemist Joyce de Lemos created the protocol to be executed by the third party lab. Samples used created by Dieux’s lab and blinded.


Love the packaging and the product is BEYOND great. [The] Dieux team are AMAZING! They have 10/10 customer service:)

— Alana

Timeline Steps

  • Instantly

    When we say “Instant Angel” we mean you’ll instantly get a hit of hydration and moisturization. In extremely dry or low humid climates, a little bit of an occlusive on top (think petrolatum or ointments) will help lock in moisture even further.

  • 4-8 weeks

    Skin feels more plump, soothed and balanced.

  • Reminder

    Remember to wear SPF and that with changing seasons your needs may change as well!

    Also remember to take pictures prior to use, when results are gradual and consistent it can be hard to see the visible results from your rituals ✨✨


At Dieux Skin, we care about being transparent about our products and we know you do too. From our pricing to our sustainability practices, know exactly where we stand.


It's simple, you should understand what you're paying for and why things cost what they do.

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    • Instant Angel, used morning and night, should last approximately 6-8 weeks. If you have oilier skin, you will use less product so this could be up to 12 weeks. If you use only at night as a night cream, this will last 12-16 weeks +

    • While we don’t believe any material is “perfect,” when we looked at the state of recycling in the United States where we sell Instant Angel it became clear that it’s one of the better options.

    • Head to our Instagram where you’ll find a tutorial on how to become an advanced aluminum tube user. Protip: tap it upside down if you’re coming off a long flight!

    • Yes, Instant Angel is pregnancy safe.

    • Instant Angel is a velvety cream that melts into the skin. While drier skin types will find this on the medium side of a rich cream as it isn’t as greasier or ointment-like as some other richer creams, if you’re used to light gels this will feel rich!

    • We are working on retailers and translating all our packaging. Right now it’s on the roadmap for 2023.

Our Commitment

  • Clinically Vetted Ingredients

    We only market actives with significant third party research

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

    Consent matters, and that’s why we test only on humans and are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Recyclable Packaging

    Our packaging takes the planet into account with the intention to do better.

  • Free US Shipping

    We ship everywhere in the continental U.S. except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

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