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Yuri London

Are Our Products Safe for Pregnancy? By Yuri London

Are Dieux products pregnancy safe? Can I use them while breastfeeding? These are some of the questions that we get so often that we’ll be updating this blog post as our new products are released. 

When it comes to Deliverance, we get asked this question quite often as it features a complex of three cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBN.

This complex is also why we cannot sell our serum yet in Canada. While Canada has federally legalized hemp and cannabis, they see all cannabinoids as a controlled substance. In Europe, legislation is changing to allow cannabinoids like CBN so rest assured, we’re working on getting Deliverance  launched there as soon as it is allowed.

Due to the cannabinoid complex, people who are breastfeeding or are pregnant often wonder if Deliverance is safe for them to use and the answer is complicated because it’s a very nuanced subject.e always recommend to err on the side of caution. 

But to provide a more concrete response, here is our best answer per our friend (and earth angel), Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Ranella Hirsch. 

“While all medical professionals have a different answer, it is important to speak with your care provider. Cannabinoids have not been studied to the extent of pregnancy or breastfeeding ie there is no clinical research. All questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding should be posed to the person caring for your specific pregnancy.”

And there you have it, it is best to err on the side of caution and speak with your medical provider to make the most informed decision about using Deliverance. 

While you wait for that answer, know that our moisturizer Instant Angel does not feature cannabinoids and is 100% safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. For our Forever Eye Masks it depends on what you pair with it, the eye gel we are working on will also be pregnancy safe.

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