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Soothing trinity serum | 1oz
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    The power of science and plants compels your complexion into the sublime with Deliverance. This serum addresses three primary skin concerns: irritation, the appearance of fine lines, and uneven tone. Deliverance is a lightweight serum that leaves skin feeling softer, calm, and more even.

    With one of the first clinicals on what dose of cannabinoids works to calm skin, learn more about the clinical and the actives in this product here

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Creamy & dreamy moisture

  • Soothes & calms skin

    A cannabinoid complex soothes and calms skin while water lily complex further reduces the feeling of irritation. As cannabinoids are largely unstudied, we conducted a small trial to understand if cannabinoids help calm skin and which dose was most effective

  • Evens out texture and tone

    Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3 is a potent antioxidant that has been shown at 4% to help even tone and reduce overall texture in the skin. There is also good data around barrier repair and is a powerful antioxidant to reduce the impact of environmental stressors.

  • Softens the appearance lines and wrinkles

    Tripeptide-56 complex helps boost skin’s visible firmness and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles while a Hexapeptide-52 complex along with passionflower and white tea helps reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth, fine lines and wrinkles from expression lines.

Gradual, consistent results

Use twice daily for best results. Gently pat one pump of Deliverance on your face and neck in the morning and at night. Deliverance can be used as your first step post-cleansing or after your toner/essence. Continue with your skincare ritual as normal and always wear SPF.


Love the packaging and the product is BEYOND great. [The] Dieux team are AMAZING! They have 10/10 customer service:)

— Alana

Timeline Steps

  • First few weeks

    Skin feels soothed & calm, it’s being hugged!

  • 4-8 weeks

    Texture and tone improve meaning skin looks more even and radiant.

  • 12+ weeks

    Peptides start to kick in, meaning skin is more firm with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles minimized.

Price Transparency

It’s simple, you should understand what you’re paying for and why things cost what they do.

Last updated May 3, 2022. Cost breakdowns are subject to change based on market fluctuations and labor costs.

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United States United States

Most transformative product I have ever tried

Some skin history: I am 24, so not worried about treating wrinkles, but I do have seborrheic dermatitis which has caused extremely deep set smile lines due to the skin damage and dryness in that area. I have extremely dry skin, but also prone to the occasional hormonal breakout as well as pervasive blackheads. I am somewhat of a skincare fanatic, and have been for years, so I have a huge skincare arsenal and have tried dozens of different products from brands all around the world. My skin just hasn't been happy lately though. I have been having an uncharacteristic amount of breakouts, my skin texture worsened and my skin just overall was irritated and fed up. None of my normal products were working, so I truly was at a loss. During a recent flare up of the dermatitis my skin was RED. And nothing was helping. I feel like I tried every treatment possible to try and reduce the redness, dryness and texture and on a whim I ordered Deliverance after following Charlotte for years and being a proponent of the eye masks. And to sum it up, HOLY SH!% THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED. It is truly magical. I have been using it for maybe a week, and already the redness is gone. Texture is gone. Smile lines aren't gone but are drastically less noticeable to me (I think just from having the redness and texture gone, it helped them). Dryness is gone!!!!!! I am truly in shock. I am in the process of shrinking my routine, and I am fully planning on this being my only serum I will ever own again. I am obsessed, and highly highly recommend to everyone and anyone.

Jodi L.
United States United States

Deliverance consistency is THE key

Noticed a difference during my first bottle but after using it consistently for three months, I can say definitively say that if you have rough, dry skin- click that order button. I went back to basics with cleanser, deliverance, instant angel, and sunscreen and my skin has never looked or felt better. A facialist told me she would have never guessed that I have eczema. If this is a splurge for you - it can last 2 months if you only use it at night and it’s so totally worth it

Eduardo E.
United States United States

DIEUX is !!!DOPE!!!

All of the Dieux products have been amazing!!! 33 year old who has just started to fine tune my skincare approach… I am on my 3rd bottle of Deliverance and my face cannot thank this product enough!!! I have seen improvements in under eye circles, hyperpigmentation (due to years of untreated acne scaring) and overall skin health. ***I also use the forever eye mask and the moisturizer. Cannot recommend the entire line enough! I even have my brother on the products as well. Thanks @DIEUX, y’all are pretty RADD!

Saba A.
United States United States


Love this product it has become an essential part of my routine. I wish it came in a bigger size!

Catherine H.
United States United States


I didn’t think a miracle product existed, and had sort of given up on my skin. I bought this as sort of a Hail Mary, and I never write reviews but this is insane?? Within 2 days nearly all of my acne and irritation had cleared up. I’ve now been using for 3 weeks and haven’t had a single zit, my texture is completely even and I have significantly less redness. Will definitely be reordering!!

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Our Commitment

  • Clinically Vetted Ingredients

    We only market actives with significant third party research

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

    Consent matters, and that’s why we test only on humans and are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Recyclable Packaging

    Our packaging takes the planet into account with the intention to do better.

  • Free US Shipping

    We ship everywhere in the continental U.S. except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.



    • It depends! If you’re using 1 pump at night, the bottle can last 3-4 months. 1 pump morning and night, expect 2-3 months. If you’re using 2 pumps morning and night? Expect around 6 weeks.

    • Deliverance has cannabinoids Please talk to your doctor before using Deliverance when pregnant.

    • No and no!

    • CBD is a difficult product to bring across borders, we are working on solutions with regulation agencies!

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