Rituals not miracles

Clinically Vetted & Price Transparent Skincare
<p>Rituals not miracles</p>
Clinically Vetted & Price Transparent Skincare
Another image of <p>Rituals not miracles</p>
Clinically vetted, price transparent

Dieux exists to raise skincare standards. Our experiences as consumers and beauty industry professionals fueled us in crafting a brand that is religious about results. We are dedicated to developing products that are price transparent, rooted in science, sustainably and responsibly sourced, safe to use and genuinely invested in doing better for everyone.

To us, it’s simple; products should do what they say they are going to do. That's why we create evidence-based beauty that’s honest about pricing, research and results, so you don’t have to take a leap of faith. 

How Dieux was Conceived

It all started with a simple question; why is skincare so complicated? Our goal is to simplify routines, reduce product excess and help you understand ingredients, pricing and packaging.

Our Genesis
Higher powered ingredients

Stabilized and conscientious selection of active ingredients means you work less.

Thoughtful packaging

We respect the planet as much as we do your pores. With Dieux, we strive for both to be better. 

Transparent pricing

We believe in fair pricing everyone can understand.

Practice what you preach

Clinically vetting our promises on skincare.

Have skin? You’re in.

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"Dieux Skin Is Completely Rethinking Every Part Of Your Eye Masking Ritual."

"While we love using a sheet or eye mask, we can’t ignore the fact that they can be damaging to the environment. These chic new eye patches allow you to apply them over your desired cream or serum (holding the product close to the skin for maximum absorption) and then wash and reuse them. Store them in the fridge for extra under-eye de-puffing."

"Looking for an eco-friendly stocking stuffer? Look to these reusable eye makes from Dieux, and say goodbye to disposable sheet iterations for good."