Forever eye mask

Reusable sheet mask

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We all deserve deliverance from the plight of discarding sheet masks after every use. The Earth is practically begging for it. These masks allow for you to treat yourself daily without accumulating unnecessary waste. Helping you get more out of your products, the Forever Eye Mask is a reusable eye patch that holds gels, serums and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption. These masks encourage products to fully sink in, leaving skin prepped, hydrated and looking heavenly.  

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Non-porous material = long-term re-use
  • Packaging made to last
  • Free shipping

  • 50% Packaging + Masks
How to Use
Gently apply desired gel, serum or cream under eye area. Ensure product is evenly distributed in the area where the masks will rest. Peel and stick eye masks to each eye and leave on for up to 10 minutes. The smaller end aligns with the inner corners of each eye. After 10 minutes, remove eye masks and gently wash patches with mild soap and warm water. Dry and store in a cool, dark place - like original packaging tin. For a cooling effect, store eye masks in freezer.
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