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Best Hydrating Eye Mask

Your favorite hydrating eye mask feels amazing. Right? Of course. What else can you ask for? Turns out, a lot. 

For one, you could save money, use some of the products collecting dust on your shelves or help your favorite beauty products last longer. There’s also the issue with single use not being great for the environment putting a damper on getting a hydrating eye mask in on the daily. If you think hitting all these elements is too much to expect from an eye mask, it’s time you met the Forever eye mask from Dieux. 

Maybe you expected the best hydrating eye mask to be one that contains a luxurious product, stays on your face for a while, and then gets tossed into the trash while you revel in the feeling of dewy skin. That may have been the case a few years ago, but to put it simply: things have changed. The Forever Eye Mask takes the old-school eye masks you used to love, and transforms them into the next generation of hydrating eye masks. 

How is the Forever Eye Mask different?

  1. The Forever Eye Mask holds the eye product of your choice close to the skin allowing for enhanced product delivery. Your favorite serum, cream, or gel is the one you’ll be using. If or when you want to try a new eye product - no problem. The Forever Eye Mask is right there with you for the switch. It’s made of 100% medical grade silicone making it easy to clean and built to last.
  2. This hydrating eye mask does not go in the garbage. Simply wash the Forever Eye Mask after using, and it’s ready for the next application. Picture how much waste you’re creating if you use a disposable eye mask every day for a year. Now you understand why we can say that the best hydrating eye mask spares your trash can and the environment while saving your skin.
  3. With multiple placement options, the Forever Eye Mask is the best hydrating mask for those who want a little more control over exactly where their product goes. 
  4. You can use the eye mask as a catcher for makeup fallout if you’re wearing eye makeup! It’s truly versatile.

We believe this is the best hydrating eye mask because it lets you get the best value from your favorite eye product. You do NOT need to slather on your eye cream or gel when you use the Forever Eye Mask. Just a small amount of the product is plenty. Since the Forever Eye Mask sticks to your under-eye area, the product has plenty of time to soak in, hydrate, and do its magic. 

Not only is the Forever Eye Mask different, but the company that makes the best hydrating eye mask is different too. How? They believe in price transparency which is a rarity, especially in the beauty industry; the company is cruelty free and vegan, they vet their labor sources, and take actions that show their commitment to the planet; and they only use vetted, scientifically sound products, ingredients, and packaging because those are the right things to do. Having the best hydrating eye mask doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be an accountable company, but we think it makes this amazing eye mask even better. 

How do you use the Forever Eye Mask? 

To have the best experience with your hydrating eye mask, there are a few tips we want to cover:

  • Use a small amount of product. This is all you need, and it has the bonus of helping your products last longer. We don’t need to tell you that eye creams and serums can be pricey, so we’re proud to say the Forever eye mask lets you get the best value by allowing you to use less product with great results. 
  • Placement matters, and you can experiment to find out what works best for you. The classic Dieux Forever Eye Mask position is with the corners pointed in towards your nose. This gives good coverage underneath your eyes and out towards the corners. High cheekbones or you want to make sure you get maximum coverage under your eyes? Turn the narrow pointed side outwards, and use the broader coverage area under your eyes and towards your nose. A third option we like, especially if you’re looking for crows’ feet treatment, is to use the broader part of the eye mask higher up and outside of your eye area (where crows’ feet wrinkles are found). This leaves the smaller part to come under your eye for some de-puffing work. 
  • Put it in the freezer for an extra cooling effect. You can store in there or toss it in 10 minutes before use.

Dieux Forever eye mask is a game-changer. To learn more about why this is truly the best hydrating eye mask you can read more here, or purchase one to treat yourself or someone you love.

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