Can I use Deliverance with Retinol? Vitamin C?

With new products we know it's hard to understand layering—does it replace a product? What's the order? Do they Dieux well in a routine? For Deliverance we formulated it to pair well with other products while being potent on its own. If retinol sensitized your kin, trying Deliverance may be an option to help get the glow you're going for. 

If you want to pair Deliverance with your retinol, retinoid or Vitamin C, while we haven't done independent testing on the combination, anecdotally people are Dieux-ing great with the combination. Here's what we suggest after you've determined Deliverance works for your skin (start by using on nights you don't use retinol!).


Step 1: cleanse

Step 2: apply Deliverance

Step 3: let fully dry

Step 4: retinol that you've been using—I.e. don't try a bunch of new products at once! (pea sized amount for entire face)

Step 5: moisturizer

On the nights you don't use retinol, do the same routine just without the retinol step.


Step 1: if you cleanse in the morning, Dieux it

Step 2: Deliverance (if you use Vitamin C, can use after Deliverance but may find you don't need both)

Step 3: moisturizer

Step 4: SPF

We recommend using Deliverance 2x daily for best results but if your skin is easily sensitized start at night and build from there. Whenever starting a new product, low and slow is always the heavenly option.