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Charlotte Palermino

Deliverance Out of Stock Update

Hi Angels,

So, it's happened again. Deliverance is out of stock. In August, we had a few social media moments we didn't anticipate which led to a surge in sales. 

Seeing this uptick, we immediately ordered more Deliverance. We learned late October that our entire production run was delayed due to one raw material. After meeting with the raw material supplier to get a rush order, we just found out the delivery never made it to the warehouse. It was mis-delivered. We are searching for it, but what this means is our production is a question mark. 

These things happen. And we are so sorry. We are doing everything we can to get Deliverance into production and out in the next 2-3 weeks so packages deliver in time for the holidays. We're confident this will happen as we have ordered more of the raw material in case we never find where UPS delivered the missing materials.

If you were waiting for our biggest sale of the year, here is what's happening: 

  • Black Friday IS happening. You get 20% off all products, no code required. All orders while supplies last get a free limited edition wing eye mask with purchase. 
  • If Deliverance is your skincare savior, sign up for the waitlist on our product page. You will receive a 20% off code for Deliverance as soon as we are back in stock. You will also be the FIRST to know when we are restocked and ready to ship!
  • Subscriptions are not impacted. We caught enough inventory to fulfill subscriptions for the next few weeks. If that changes we will notify you immediately.
  • If you love a bundle with Deliverance, signing up for this waitlist will also get you a special 10% off code for a total of 20% off the original price. Codes cannot be stacked.

We're Dieux-ing our best to get y'all what is one of our favorite products and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


x Charlotte, Joyce & Marta

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