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Yuri London

How to Moisture Sandwich, by Yuri London

Ah, the moisture sandwich. It’s a classic, and efficient way to keep your skin both moisturized and happy. 

Moisture sandwich-ing is a skincare technique used to trap water in the skin so that it doesn't evaporate. Your skin is largely made of water, it makes sense you want to keep that water with you.

This evaporation process is what we call TEWL, short for TransEpidermal Water Loss. TEWL can cause the skin to become dehydrated and thirsty. Translation? Dull skin that feels stiff. Using the moisture sandwich method can help keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and supple. 

Instant Angel in water for moisture sandwich post

STEP 1: Cleanse/Double Cleanse
  • Cleanse off any sunscreen and makeup to provide a clean, glorious base to begin the layering process of your moisture sandwich. It’s like cleaning the counter before you make anything. You need a clean canvas.
STEP 2: Water/Mist/Toner
  • Using tap water, a mist or a toner helps keep the skin hydrated and damp for a short period of time in between steps. This step can also help with product penetration throughout your routine. Why? Damp skin is more permeable.
STEP 3: Deliverance/ Serums
  • Apply your favorite serum, we say Deliverance, but choose any serum you like. Any serum that has great hydrating ingredients is key here. The serum is the building block of the sandwich, like the bread. 
STEP 4: Mist
  • Using a face mist in between the steps of your skin care aids not only in product penetration, but keeps adding hydration for your products to hold onto. We’re big fans of lubrication over here. You want to use just enough to make the skin damp but not wet, just damp. If the skin is too wet, wait a minute or two before applying your next product. You want to complete a skincare routine not experience a slip and slide.
STEP 5: Instant Angel/Moisturizer
  • On damp skin, apply a quarter sized amount of Instant Angel if you have dry skin conditions. Use about half of this amount if you are more oily. Instant Angel will seal in your hydration and wrap the skin with a rich, residue free layer of love. 
STEP 6: Occlusive
  • Applying a layer of an occlusive product like Vaseline or Aquaphor or anything that is balm-like in texture will create a seal over the skin, completing your moisture sandwich. This step is optional and to be done at night. This may not be the best for you if you have acne prone skin or are more oily. Always patch test!

The moisture sandwich method can be a little confusing to tackle at first, but hopefully with this post we’ve illuminated the subject. Skin care should always be about what works best for you. And, patience Angels, remember: rituals, not miracles. 

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