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Charlotte Palermino

How We're Dieux-ing Something

At Dieux, saying we want everyone to “Dieux Great” isn’t just a tagline, it’s how we approach our lives and our business. We want you to be able to do you, make the decisions that make sense for you, and ultimately think you are the best judge of what you need. You should have all the information and, as you’re the one living your life (as we live ours), how you live it is up to you.

In order to do our best, we all need access, education and support. While we’re a skincare brand dedicated to helping you take the leaps of faith out of skincare through education and understanding the industry better, nothing lives in a silo. The world around us has an impact on us, even as a beauty company. After Friday, we were deeply impacted as a team, as a company, and as individuals by the Supreme Court’s decision in the United States to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Taking away anyone’s civil liberties is a violation. Going backwards instead of finding progress that helps society tackle the huge issues that face the United States and our world is scary, but we must also remind ourselves that we are still here and we are not without power. 

After spending the weekend looking at how we can best help people make their own decisions about their own health when it comes to abortion, we realized how we respond is an evolving subject with needs changing monthly in some cases so we will have to be equally nimble. Every month, $1 from sales of each Instant Angel purchase will go to organizations that are on the ground helping provide and maintain access to reproductive justice. 

This month, we are donating to NNAF’s Act Blue fund which is splitting donations between 91 local abortion funds across the country. Funding locally is critical at this point in time. Every month we will update you on where funds are going in addition to our donations from Deliverance which are done through the Floret Coalition, anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space supporting and funding equity-oriented actions via monthly donations and social campaigns.

We hope that this information can help serve you as a hopeful reminder that you are not powerless. We are not powerless. And together, we can enact change. For now, that will be in the form of funding the work that organizers have been doing for years on the ground. If you have anything to add or any organizations that need a shine, please feel free to share with us.

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