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Charlotte Palermino

Is Deliverance a Hydrating Serum?

Q: is Deliverance a hydrating serum?

A: It’s complicated.

While Deliverance does have glycerin which is an excellent humectant (ingredient that draws and holds water to skin), it really is designed to absorb quickly so you can move on with your routine.

That being said, with time Deliverance may help reduce what makes your skin feel dry and dehydrated in the first place; trans epidermal water loss.

Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is when water evaporates from your skin. We’re made largely of water! Your skin is a barrier! Keeping water in your skin is an important part of skin health. Too much water evaporates? Dry, itchy, cracked and inflamed skin is the result.

So, while we wouldn’t label Deliverance a *hydrating* serum, there are ingredients in Deliverance that can help protect the skin and may help the skin barrier’s function so that, over time, TEWL may decrease (aka you … evaporate less).

Niacinamide has some data around it’s ability to strengthen the barrier, it’s antioxidant rich (along with our water lily complex), cannabinoids help soothe skin and finally our peptides gently work to firm and soothe skin. Some of these ingredients also tackle texture and tone.

So while we wouldn’t label it *hydrating,* if you see a review saying that their skin *feels more hydrated* over time, it may be because of that.

Ultimately the best way to reduce trans epidermal water loss (and have hydrated skin) is to do the following:

  1. Mist face or slightly dampen (note: if you’re very sensitive skip this at first)

  2. Apply Deliverance

  3. Optional: mist or slightly dampen skin again

  4. Apply moisturizer while face is still moist (sorry); don’t let it dry down completely

  5. Apply SPF

And at night, if you have very dry skin after moisturizer apply a balm or THICK cream. Why? That thick cream has occlusives and emollients, this serves as a barrier so you keep your hydration where it belongs, with you!

Our more breakout prone angels, you’ll want to be careful here and patch test.

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