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Is It Good To Sleep With An Eye Mask?

People often ask us if it’s good to sleep with an eye mask on (to be clear; we’re talking about mask patches, not a sleep mask that blocks light). We understand this question because it’s easy to assume that if 10 minutes with an eye mask is good, a full night might be even better. However, we do not recommend that you sleep with your mask on. Why do we say it is not ideal to sleep with an eye mask? There are a few reasons but first let’s clarify what type of eye mask we’re talking about. 

At Dieux, when we talk about an eye mask we’re speaking about an under eye mask like the Forever mask, which holds eye product against your skin. This is the type of mask we caution against wearing through the night. But if you’re wondering whether it’s ok to sleep with a sleeping eye mask to help keep out ambient light, then absolutely! At Dieux, our passion is beauty and skincare that helps you understand what you’re buying so you don’t have to take a leap of faith. So, we’re going to tell you why we believe it is not good to sleep with an under-eye mask on. 

The number one reason not to sleep with a Dieux Forever eye mask on is: you don’t need to! With the Dieux Forever Eye Mask, 10-20 minutes is all you need. We love putting the mask on in the morning with our favorite eye serum or cream and having 10 minutes of peace with a cup of tea or coffee. There’s no reason to keep this mask on all night because you get all the benefits in just 10-20 minutes. Here are some other reasons we recommend you skip sleeping with an eye mask… 


The skin under your eyes is sensitive

At Dieux, we researched the best way to treat your undereyes, what actually would help and that’s why we decided on silicone patches to help deliver your products when making the Forever eye mask. It was important to us to protect the delicate under-eye skin as much as possible, and we believe that keeping a product occluded overnight could risk irritation without much reward. 

We’d rather you have a strong 10-minute session with your Forever eye mask, rinse it, and put it away for the next day. You’ll still get all the benefits of the product underneath. 

Eye masks can move while you’re sleeping

Even if you’re one of the rare people who sleep very still, you likely roll around more than you know. For many of us, we turn our heads or our bodies dozens of times as we sleep. This can easily cause an under eye mask to move. You don’t want to lose a mask in the process so it’s best to keep them on for the recommended time. 

You’ll help preserve your eye masks

Makes sense, right? You'll help preserve them if you use them as intended. Dieux was made to be used for 10-20 minutes at a time. So if you choose to sleep with it on, you risk potentially damaging them. While they’re resilient, we didn’t test sleeping in them so we do caution against it. To help your Dieux Forever Eye Mask last ‘forever,’ it’s best to use it as instructed, wash it off, and put it away for the next use.  

The short answer to “is it good to sleep with an eye mask” is… there’s no reason to, so why risk it? 10-20 minutes with the Dieux Forever Eye Mask is all you need to get the most out of whatever eye product you like the best. At Dieux, we believe in products that do what they say they are going to do, claims that are backed by science and ultimately address your skin concerns. If you’d like to learn more about the Dieux Forever eye mask, please click here

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