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Yuri London

Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Routine, By Yuri London

Spring cleaning can be a concept that’s either met with unbridled enthusiasm or persistent dread. Either way, it must be done! And while we’re pretty familiar with spring cleaning our living spaces, it’s something we need to do for our skincare too. 

As the new season approaches, it's time to make some adjustments to your routine by removing products that are either expired or no longer useful and adding some products that can help with things like sun protection. The change in weather could also mean you’re using less skincare in general.  

Instant Angel

Here's a guide on how to spring clean your skincare routine. 

1. Check the expiration date of the products and see if you can remember when you opened them:
  • Has this product been open for more than 12 months?
  • Has the color changed since you last looked at it? 
  • Does it smell different? 
  • Is there residue on the opening?
  • Does the product perform the same? 
2. Ask yourself: is this a product that you still want to use?
  • Have you tried any products that perform better?
  • Is this product compatible with your skin? 
  • Are you duplicating any ingredients at different steps of your routine? If so, can one be removed? 
3. Determine what to do with the products you might not need:  
  • Could you use this product on your body instead of your face?
  • Would it be best to empty the product and recycle the packaging if possible?
  • Could you give the product to someone else who may have better use for it?

After you’ve done your clearing, it’s time for the product swap

  1. Swap your thicker cream for a lighter water cream during the day to avoid oil build up as the temperatures warm up. If you like your current cream, just use less of it, richer creams will go further in warmer climates so no need to slather it on.
  2. Use sunscreen as moisturizer if you prefer a more matte finish
  3. Use less Aquaphor/occlusives

And that is how you spring clean your skincare routine! 

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