Step By Step Recycling Guide – Dieux Skin
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Yuri London

Step By Step Recycling Guide

Step By Step Recycling Guide

Instant Angel 

  • After unboxing Instant Angel, recycle the cardboard box
  • Use squeeze key to ensure every last drop is used. 
  • Once bottle is finished, remove squeeze key and set aside to reuse later. 
  • Find out how your local recycling facility processes aluminum. 
  • Separate the tube from the cap
  • Throw tube into recycling**
  • Throw cap in trash or recycling
  • If local facility requires aluminum to be rinsed, cut open tube on two sides to make a space for water to be rinsed through. Rise and then recycle
  • **While our current tubes are made of 30% recycled aluminum, we know we can Dieux better. That's why we're aiming to have 100% recycled aluminum tubes by 2023.


  • After unboxing, recycle cardboard box
  • After use, make sure the bottle is totally empty: there is no dip tube. It’s an airless bottle.
  • unscrew the pump* 
  • Check how your local facilities process plastics and specifically if pumps are accepted. 
  • Throw the bottle and cap into recycling.
  • Per local facility policy, either recycle pump or discard separately. 
  • * While we are hoping to have a mono material pump this year, the tech isn’t there yet so the pump will not be accepted by every facility.

Forever Eye Mask

  • When we said ‘forever’, we meant it. Forever Eye Masks are meant to be used and reused. 
  • Save the carrier tin they come in for storage and travel purposes.

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