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What Do Eye Masks Do?

What do eye masks do? The founding team of Dieux spent a substantial amount of time answering this question for themselves before they created an eye mask. In answering the question “what do eye masks do” we’re answering what eye masks SHOULD do… because, ultimately, a lot of masks don’t live up to our standards. We’ll also tell you why we believe that the Dieux Forever Eye Mask delivers on what, in our opinion, eye masks should do. 

What should eye masks do?

The right eye mask holds your favorite product close to your skin so that you can get the maximum benefits from it. This is a process called occlusion. Rather than using thick creams which can trigger milia, eye masks use some sort of material to slow the evaporation of hydration and ingredients. This then encourages whatever formula is under the mask to sink in leaving skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and nourished from the product.  

An eye mask should let you feel like you’re having a luxury moment or time to yourself, even if it’s for a few minutes. At the same time, an eye mask should be effective. The right eye mask will leave your skin feeling prepared - either for your makeup application, or for a day of bare skin. 


Woman Wearing Dieux Eye Mask

Another bonus of the right eye mask is it can mean you use less product in that area. Ideally, the mask isn’t so expensive that daily use would be cost prohibitive or detrimental to the environment. Without an eye mask, some people may pack on extra product on their under-eye skin, thinking ‘if some is good then more is better.’ But at Dieux, we’ll be the first to tell you that a little goes a long way. When you use Dieux Forever Eye Masks, you can use your favorite product sparingly, and this can allow you to go longer before you need to purchase your next serum, cream, or gel. We don’t need to tell you that under eye products can be pricey. 

What should eye masks NOT do? 

We’ve covered what eye masks do, but there are also a couple of really important items of what an eye mask should NOT do. First, an eye mask should not be a burden on the environment or your conscience. While consumers are not to blame for much of the carbon footprint out there, we understand it can be stressful to use single-use products. If you treat yourself to an eye mask session every day (and you absolutely should be able to in our opinion), then we understand how throwing away hundreds of pieces of packaging a year isn’t the best experience. This is why we created a mask that’s reusable; better on your wallet and the planet.

An eye mask should also not break the bank. This is easy to say, but harder to find any cosmetic or beauty product that lives up to this statement. As we researched eye masks and skincare products in general, we realized there isn’t a ton of transparency on pricing and some products made little sense to invest in. An eye mask should be an accessible luxury. 

This is why we created the Forever Eye mask; Dieux’s Forever Eye Mask is reusable, effective, easy to use, and fairly priced with transparency as to how we got to our numbers. 10 minutes of ‘me time’ with the Dieux Forever Eye Mask each morning (or each night… whatever you prefer) can help your skin feel more hydrated and refreshed. At the same time, you can feel good knowing you’re taking care of the environment and supporting a business that cares. 


As long as we’re talking about what eye masks do, let’s cover what eye mask and skincare companies should do. Every company has their own opinions, at Dieux we want you to understand what you’re buying. This goes from our claims to how to use the product, off you actually need to re-buy it and the values of our leadership. We believe in transparent pricing, vegan products that are safe. Dieux is a company that will answer your questions honestly, with the goal of helping you feel good and educated about the beauty product decisions you make in the process.

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