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moisture all summer

Protect your barrier and plump fine lines with our gel cream.

Our Genesis

  • I. Practice What You Preach

    Safe ingredients that follow the highest global regulatory guidelines in addition to clinically vetting each claim so products do what they say they’re going to do.

  • II. Higher Powered Ingredients

    A stabilized and thoughtful selection of active ingredients means you can trust products are doing what they say they will do. We make sure you only get the good stuff. 

  • III. Ingredients & Packaging that Work to Dieux Better

    Sustainability is a moving target. We could always Dieux more, this is why our packaging takes the planet into account with the intention to do better.

  • IV. Price Transparency

    We believe in pricing everyone can understand. That's why we share the cost of formulas, packaging, labor, payment processing and shipping. See our price transparency on each product’s page.

  • V. Consent Matters

    That's why we only test on humans, vet labor practices of sourcing and packaging, are vegan and cruelty free.


Rituals, not miracles.