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Charlotte Palermino

Does Deliverance Replace Vitamin C?

Do you need a Vitamin C serum if you use Deliverance?

Let's first think about what Vitamin C does: it's a potent antioxidant with research to show it helps even skin tone, maintains and supports collagen, and through its antioxidant ability scavenges something called free radicals.


The TLDR? Vitamin C keeps cells healthy.

So what does Deliverance do? Deliverance calms the skin through a proprietary cannabinoid complex along with a water lily complex. It helps plump the skin through peptides that in both supplier data and our clinicals helped soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Niacinamide helps even skin tone. And finally, Deliverance is packed with antioxidants. In addition to the cannabinoid and niacinamide, Deliverance has a tea extract and passionflower extract which have additional antioxidant benefits.


The TLDR? Deliverance is antioxidant rich, evens skin, plumps skin and is calming. It's also incredibly stable meaning it's good from first to last drop, something that's challenging with Vitamin C.

Will it replace for Vitamin C? That depends on how it works on your skin. For some yes, for some you'll like layering both, for some you'll love your Vitamin C more than Deliverance... and that's ok! Everyone's skin is different.

Deliverance was created to make your skin stronger and healthier, which we think is the best way to glow.

And, if you were wondering if you could combine Vit C and Niacinamide? Cosmetic chemist and blogger Kind of Stephen debunked this in 2016. For most people (if you have sensitive skin, be careful with overloading actives generally speaking), you'll be fine.

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