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Charlotte Palermino

Price Transparency and Deliverance's Certificate of Analysis


At Dieux we believe in price transparency. We want you to understand what goes into making our product, how we get to our price and why we charge our final retail prices. Our ultimate goal is to keep products at a 3-5x markup pending how challenging a product is to make and bring to market.

Total cost of serum, packaging, labor to fill: $12.42

Payment processing (due to Deliverance containing cannabinoids we are subject to higher payment processing fees on top of Shopify costs): $4.88

Pick and pack from warehouse, subsidized or free shipping: $6.50

Cost to produce and ship to you: $23.8
Total markup: 3.03
Retail Price: $69


Certificate of analysis: click here. We will update by batch and lot number as we have more production runs. This is our first!

Why do we include certificates of analysis on every batch of our serum? Cannabinoid based brands (brands containing CBD and other cannabinoids) should be testing their products for potency, microbial and heavy metals as plants can be bio-accumulators of some natural contaminants like lead and mercury. 

This is the last step in a series of stability and challenge testing processes we put our product through. Why? We want to make sure the ingredients in our serum that are to help your skin are still active and working by the time it gets to you. 

For more on Deliverance and FAQs click here. 

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