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Charlotte Palermino

Price Transparency and Analytical Testing For Awakening

When we first set out to make a hand sanitizer, we knew there would be a delay with testing, but we had no idea that to make a fully vetted and FDA compliant hand sanitizer, it takes upwards of 9 months. 

1. Packaging

First, you need to select packaging that is compatible with ethanol as it's a volatile organic compound. This means it easily evaporates and you can't pick just any packaging. As we wanted the body of the bottle to be lightweight and recyclable, we chose aluminum.

After 4 failed tests on caps, we finally found a cap with an induction seal that was airtight enough to stop evaporation.

2. Stability Testing

From here we had to conduct an initial stability test and rapid testing, all in this took 4 months and over $45,000 of our savings to conduct.

Our analytical testing showed a consistent value of 70% ethanol ensuring that you get the amount listed on the package.

3. FDA Registration

Then, we had to register with the FDA. This just means that the FDA looks over our packaging and ensures we are meeting claims guidelines. While no regulatory body looks at your testing to ensure you did it, your factory registers with the FDA to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). It is illegal to make hand sanitizer at a factory that doesn't follow cGMP and isn't registered with the FDA. Therefore, if your brand is registered with, it's possible they did do analytical testing. Remember, as you're making a drug by law you are required to register, "trade secret" doesn't apply.

4. Production

Once registered with the FDA, we got a green-light from our factory to start production and pack-outs. We also wanted it to smell refreshing hence the eucalyptus scent.

Lastly, we wanted to use ingredients that didn't make hands feel sticky or gloopy, glycerin and aloe juice help keep your hands hydrated and soft. 

Awakening 2-pack Hand sanitizer Dieux

Shop Awakening and keep reading for our price transparency.

For price transparency (not including the $45,000+ in testing we spent), here's how Awakening breaks down:

  • Fill (2 cans per package), formula and pack-out into containers: $3.80
  • Packaging: $1.10
  • Payment processing: $1.43
  • Fulfillment: $2.50
  • Subsidized Shipping: $2.00
  • Total: $10.83
  • Our price: $20.00
  • Markup: 1.85x

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