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Angels Only Bucket Hat

Angelic Hat
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  • What it is & Social impact:


    Better than natural cloud cover, this deadstock white terry cloth bucket hat protects your face and scalp from the sun while looking angelic. With 100% of proceeds going to Repro Legal Defense Fund, we wanted Dieux's first merch item to not only provide cover for you, but also for those exercising their reproductive rights. Repro Legal Defense Fund covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are unjustly targeted by police or prosecutors for ending their own pregnancy — that is, for self-managing abortion, outside of a clinical setting.

    It’s been just over two months since Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and the consequences of rolling back bodily autonomy have already been catastrophic in the U.S. While $1 of every sale of Instant Angel goes to a different organization that fights for reproductive rights, we still wanted to Dieux more.

    We produced these in limited quantities. They will be available while supplies last. We also encourage you to donate directly to Repro Legal Defense fund if hats aren’t your thing!

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