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Yuri London

How to Layer Your Skincare Like a Pro, by Yuri London

Layering your favorite skin care products can be tricky. The way you apply certain products can lead to unintended consequences whether it be acne or a sensitized skin barrier. 

To demystify the process of layering skincare, it's helpful to remember the thinnest to thickest rule. Thinnest products are more water-forward (no a face oil is not a serum).  

Apply these thinner products like toner and serums first. 

From there you can use thicker products like moisturizer and face oils. Face oils have no water so we recommend these over your moisturizer which tends to have humectants (water loving ingredients). 

Like with anything in life, there is a caveat to any “rule” which is, it depends. That being said, using the thinner to thicker rule tends to steer you in the right direction. Here’s a sample routine. 

  • Everyone's skin condition is different so cleansing according to your needs is all that matters! If you are wearing makeup, a double cleanse is the best option to remove everything. If it's a morning routine, you may simply splash your face with water (if you have drier skin this may be the best course of action) or your preferred cleanser. A gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave your face feeling “squeaky clean” is important.
  • Applying toner or a face mist can help keep the skin hydrated and allow products to penetrate better. This is a “nice to have” step.
  • It’s at this point in the programming where you can apply your Forever Eye Masks with your favorite creams and serums. While you can pair the Forever Eye Masks with Deliverance, we do ask that you read this first as it’s a potent formula and not suitable for everyone around the eyes. Our favorite eye creams and serums can be found here

  • If using Deliverance alone, you’d apply it here on damp or dry skin.
  • If you’re using Deliverance alongside Vitamin C, it depends. If the Vitamin C is a light, water-based texture, you can apply it first letting it dry then apply Deliverance.
  • If the Vitamin C is a waterless formula or richer, apply Deliverance, let it dry, then your Vitamin C.
  • If using Deliverance at night, alongside retinoids, Deliverance can come before or after, but, with retinoids that drying step is CRITICAL.
  • Reminder: Damp skin is more permeable skin, this means that it can boost penetration. As retinoids can be irritating it’s important to apply them on DRY skin. This is why, when using multiple actives, it makes sense to start low and slow and not apply products on damp skin. Happy skin is intact skin, you don’t want to impair your barrier.

  • Instant Angel is deeply moisturizing, and perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. 
  • If your skin conditions are quite dry (hello low humidity environments), apply a quarter sized amount on damp skin to seal in hydration. 
  • If your skin is more on the oily or combination skin type, use less Instant Angel on your oilier spots. 
  • Remember, always use SPF during the day after your skincare routine!

Now you know how to layer your skincare with Instant Angel and Deliverance. Go forth our little angels, you are ready!

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